Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Writing challenge: Root words

Caeden Morales
Sub: to go into something

On saturday, I went on my submarine into my lake. When I was in it we submerged into the water. While we were in the water, we saw the superhero The Submarineir.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

What is it that I will do with my my one wild and precious life?

What I will do with my life is be successful in school. My parents have done everything for me to do good in life and school and I've been letting them down. If I do good in school I get go to a great college, get a degree, and join the NFL. I cant join the NFL without doing good in college. I've heard from every good athlete that you have to be successful in college, grade wise, to make the NFL. Also to make a lot of money I have to good in college. So doing good in school in my one and precious life is going to do my good in the long run.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

With ten seconds left on the clock, who else but me to take the game winner. As I dribble down the court I see a double team coming immediately so I pass it out to the point. With 5 seconds left on the clock I make a V cut to the foul line and I put my hands out showing that I want the ball. As I make a triple threat to the basket I hear the crowd shouting 3,2,1 I let the ball fly from the three point line, I see the whole crowd rise up and when the clock hits zero, I become the crowds hero.

Last year was great. My school, the panthers won the State championship. I was a junior then, now I’m a senior and I’m planning on taking my team to the championship again. My coach told me this year I have to do my best because their are going to be a lot of scouts watching me for college. But there's only one school I have on my mind on. MSU, Michigan state university. He informs me that if I win the championship this year, I’m guaranteed to get a full ride scholarship to MSU. Tryouts are tomorrow and I already have my equipment ready to go. While i'm  in my backyard, I practice my post up moves because if I want to win the championship this year I have to practice this. I pull out my phone to look at a video of michael Jordan's post fadeaways. After the video’s over I do that about 100 times until  I make it look easy. I finish off with 25 free throws.


When I walk in the locker room I pull out my lebron’s, my shorts, my shirt, and my lucky wristband. As I lace up my shoes I see this huge kid walk into the locker room. He’s at least 6’10 and growing. He almost hit his head on the top of the doorway. I’ve never seen this kid before, he must be new or something.

As we form layup lines I see him running up and slamming it down  really hard on the rim. Everyone is in shock that he dunked it. Even coach. Coach had a look on his face that I didn’t like. It was that this kid is pretty good. I have to show that I’m still the best here. So thanks to all the squats that I’ve done in the summer I can jump so high now. So drive into the paint and I throw the ball off of the backboard and I jump so high I catch the ball in the air and my head almost touches the rim. I throw it down so hard the backboard starts to wobble. Everyone’s went crazy that I did that. Everyone comes up to me to congratulate me on the amazing dunk that I just did. The only person that isn't excited is the bigman. It doesn't matter thought because I don’t need to impress him.

Of course I made the team. There was no doubt in my mind. But of course bigfoot made it to. I’ll see how he does in practice today.

We started off with warm ups. We just did a couple of laps and stretched. We did some drill but my favorite part was the a team scrimmage. Coach put bigfoot in my team. The scrimmage started out pretty good the score was basically even for about 5 minutes until I stole a pass from the man I was guarding I run down the court and I see bigfoot running down the court. He puts up his hand signaling that he wanted a lob. I had to get my fair share of assist so I throw the ball up high thinking he’s not going to grab the ball from that high, but he did and boy did he jump high. He looked liked Dwight Howard dunking on the 12 foot rim in the dunk contest. The whole team was in shock, even me.

After practice I go up to bigfoot and say “ dude that was a pretty nice dunk you had. Yo what’s your name?”
“ My name is hakeem.”
“Like hakeem olajuwon” I say.
“Yeah, my parents named me after him. We moved from Houston and they were big fans.”
“Thats cool” I say. “ Well I’ll see you tomorrow”.

Today is our first game and I plan on dropping at least 30 points. Before the game my  coach told me that a scout from MSU was here to watch me. That made me want to play even harder.

I told Hakeem he could take the tip off and he wins it. He and I both notice that all of the other team was just jogging down the court so I decide to throw a lob up to he takes it in the air and slams it down hard. I see the scout writing down something on his clipboard and I’m assuming it was about my passing skills.

It’s the fourth quarter, I have 29 points. Hakeem has 31. There’s 5 seconds on the clock were winning by 4. There’s no way they're coming back. They shoot a three and miss it hakeem grabs the rebound, with half a second left he chucks up a full court shot and nails it. The crowd goes wild. So does the scout.

As Hakeem and I are sitting on the bench enjoying this win The scout from MSU come up to us and says to hakeem “Kid if you keep playing like this I guarantee you that I will hope to see you at MSU next year.”
“What about me.” I say.
“ We only have one scholarship left to give out and it’s going to go to him unless you step your game up.”
“But that scholarship was supposed to be for me.”
“It was until this kid came along.”
I was in shock. I couldn’t believe that bigfoot comes along, steals my thunder, and then steals my scholarship. No more lobs for him. No more anything for him. If I want that scholarship I have to lead this team back to the championship. By myself.

I took my team to the playoffs and I think that I changed the scouts mind about taking him instead of me. Ever since the scout came to our game I haven't talked to hakeem. I didn't shake his hand before games. I didn't talk strategy. And I definitely didn't pass him the ball.

Of course we won the game. But we barely won. Thank god Jorge had that steal to win  the game.Since we went undefeated we got a bye week like in football in the semi finals. That gave me time to practice my all around game. As I walk into the gym I see bigfoot practicing his free throws. I walk to the other side of the court hopping he doesn't notice me. But he does and then surprisingly looks away with a grunt. I thought he would go off at me but he doesn’t. This has to be the hardest workout I ever have.

As I walk to the front door to leave he asks me” Why did you not pass the ball to me. I thought we were tight.”
“We were until you took the scholarship to MSU away from me.”
“Dude I didn’t mean to. I was just playing my game.”
“Yeah and your game took my scholarship away. That's why I didn't pass the ball to you. I thought if you didn't get the ball The scout would be more impressed with me.
“Good plan but that's not going to work this time. You saw we barely won the last game. Either of us can't win the game by ourselves but if we work together we can win. But I doubt you would do that so you can get that scholarship of yours.”

Than he just picked up his things and left.

On the walk home I thought about what bigfoot said. “ he’s right, the games were we worked together we won easily. But when I tried to do it by myself we barely won the games. I know what I have to do.

Today is the State championship game. Everyone is nervous but not me. My coach told me there is about 10 scouts all from division one colleges here to watch me. So I have to play amazing today. Right as I think that hakeem looks over at me and then just looks away.

Start of the game hakeem wins the tip and I grab the ball. I see hakeem wide open in the paint and I decide right there who deserves the scholarship, and its him. I fire a dot right to him in the paint. He scores the crowd goes wild.
It's the fourth quarter were down by 1 with 20 seconds on the clock there ball. Hakeem and I both scored our fair share of points but it all come down to this. They have the ball. The guard dribbles down the court passes it around they feed the ball to the center in the post. Hakeem guarding him. He goes up for a hook shot and sends the shot back to the 3rd row. “ Have mercy.” I say. There ball they pass it to the post again put hakeem saw the pass coming from a mile away. He grabs it before it made it to the player and passes it to me as we sprint down the court with five seconds left I see him coming down the court I throw a lob up so high. But he grabs up so high in the air and slams it down so ferociously the whole crowd felt it. With no time on time on the clock I go and tackle hakeem to the ground. (In a good way) and the whole crowd is screaming. Everyone’s happy. I saw one of my team mates crying with joy. I’m probably the happiest out of all of my teammates because the Panthers won the state championship two years in a row.

As I sit down with Hakeem the last person I want to see comes over. The Michigan State scout. He comes over to the both of us and hands both of us a letter. I was surprised, I wasn't expecting anything from him. But for hakeem, I expected great things for him. As I walk in the locker room I open up the letter expecting it to say something to put me down on one of the best days of my life but it did the exact opposite. The letter offered me a full ride to MSU. I looked over at Hakeem with a big smile and he did the same. From then on we became the best duo to ever play professional basketball.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Jorge pounces out of bed like a cheetah going for its prey. He was so
excited to find out where his mom was taking him for his 7ht birthday. He dreamt all last night about where it was going to be. A phillies game, an eagles game. Maybe the central park zoo in New York city. He quickly put on his pants and his favorite shirt, an eagles jersey with the name Westbrook and number 36 on the back. When he went down stairs he went for the fridge to get the milk for his cereal he was about to make. The cupboard was to high so he got a step stool to reach it. When he finally got the cereal it accidentally slipped out of his hands and made a huge boom that went all through the house. His dad started to sprint down the stairs with a bat thinking their is a robber in the house but when he got down stairs he saw it was just his son. He said to his son “ What are you doing up at a time like this.” “ I was getting ready to go the surprise that mommy was going to take me. Jorge it's 4:30 in the morning.” Jorge feeling very confused said “ so are you ready?”

After that embarrassing moment earlier today, it was finally time. So mom where are you going to take me.” You'll just have to find out.” As we got in the car I asked my mom were we were going again to see if she would say anything, but she didn't. As we were driving down a LONG road I saw a sign that said please touch museum with an arrow pointing left. My mom went straight. “ Mom I said where are we going? It's a surprise caeden now we will be their in no time so just sit back and take a chill pill.” About 30 minutes later my mom started to panic a little bit. I asked my mom again. Where are we going mom. With a loud exhale out she said Caeden we’re going to the please touch museum. Mom you know their was a sign that said the please touch museum was to the left not straight.

As leah sits nervously with her leg jumping up and down, her mother calls her into her room. As she goes in the warm and dark room she thought of how hard it would be to live with our her mother.
Leah loved her mother with all her heart. What ever her mother did she wouldn’t put up a fus about it because that shows how much she loves her.
Her mother liked to move around a lot and leah didn’t know why. besides that Their was another problem. Leah was still in school.
That was the one thing leah had a problem with. Moving around. When they would move, Leah would have to leave her home, her friends, and her school. That was rough for leah because she would have to go to a new school a lot and fit into a new environment. Also make new friends.
Her mother was also in the orchestra. She was probably one of the best in the world. Her mother and the rest of the world thought that Leah would be the next great Bottalico.
That's not what Leah had in mind. Leah out of all things wanted to be a mother. That was her dream. To be the best mom ever. Since she was young all she did was pretend that her dolls were her kids. She would make sure her kids would have the best life ever.
As they got older her mother would train her daughter on how to play the harp. Leah wasn't very good at playing the harp. She was worried about other things like if she would have to switch schools again, or make new friends.
One day she was looking in the attic of her house and found a box filled with pictures. She saw a picture of a man holding a baby next to her mom. Leah had no idea who this was. She brought this down stairs to show her mother the picture. When her mother saw the picture a tear ran down her face. After she saw it her mom told her to “go put this back where you found it. Why, who is this. Go put it away! No who is the person in the photo. He looks like the guy who was playing with you in the orchestra. Come sit down child I have to tell you something. This is your father. We met in the orchestra when we were playing together. It was like love at first sight. We both loved each other so much. But when he found out I was pregnant he got scared and left me with no one else to take care of you.That's why we would move all the time, to look for him. Wow mom I had no idea.” Rosemarie thinking Leah hates her because she didn’t tell her before was dead wrong. Rose telling her that story made Leah love her mom even more.”


“Leah come and sit down I have to tell you something. What is it mom. Your whole life I was trying to make you happy, I know it was hard for you to move around and leave your friends but I knew you were strong enough. Your whole life I was trying to prepare you for when you grow up. I know I won't be here for much longer but when I Leave I know and hope that I taught you well.” Leah was in tears when she heard her mother say this. “ I hope I make you proud mom.”

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

As leah sits nervously with her leg jumping up and down, her mother calls her in her room. When she goes in the warm and dark room she thought of how hard it would be to live with our her.

I chose this part of my story because I'm hopping that it makes the reader want to read more. Its also my favorite part of my story.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Some of my observations were from the begging of the book. The first few paragraphs were very descriptive. It describes how her mother noticed things that hazel wouldn't normally do. Her mother takes her to a doctor and they find out she has cancer. I also liked how he described the support group.